"don't ever let somebody tell you, you can't do something,
if you want something go get it".

My name is Matteo Sanna, born in 1983 in Tivoli, near Rome, Italy; since I was little, my curiosity urged me, like a baby surgeon, to survey my toys and after having discovered their mechanisms to reassemble them, I decided once adult, I would work as an engineer to create and make all my ideas real.

Through the years I changed my mind, and I moved this desire to create things, doing it in a new, just discovered way: the graphic. So I started studying Graphic Design at the University La Sapienza in Rome, attending this course I literally discovered the basis of 3d Computer Graphics and I wanted to learn it. For me it's unbeliev to be imagining all these things made by computer and with just two hands.

So I started learning Computergraphic by myself, through forums, tutorial and books.

During my class I won a scholarship thus I had to move and study in Spain, this was one of the biggest revolutions of all my life, meanwhile I continued studying Computergraphic, I met a lot of people from different countries and different cultures, this made my thirst for knowledge grow, which never seemed to be enough. It was as though somebody was driving me to travel, to discover places and meet people. I worked as a waiter to set aside some money to travel.

After my degree in Industrial Design (april 2008), in summer I moved to Miami, it was time to improve my English while living in a beautiful place.

Three months later it was time to come back home, finally start to work. I teamed up with some architectural firms, working as a modeler and lighter, but I felt unsatisfied eith my knowledge...

So I joined a master in Computer Graphic at Big Rock Training Center (September 2009), through this master I learnt the techniques that are at the base of computer graphic, the pipeline and work in a team. I was lucky to meet many students with the same passion and enthusiasm as me.

In 2010 - 2011, I worked in a great studio: Direct To Brain , where I had the opportunity to work in some great productions: I get involved in a series of 5 commercial for Euronics, an italian franchising about electronics products. And also some other commercials as: Cirio, Wacos.

In 2011 I get hired from a Satellite Tv 90 Numeri Sat, I was in charge of various aspects of 3d production. I produced about 30 seconds for week: concept, storyboard modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, composting.

During the summer of 2012, after the end of my contract in the tv, I had the opportunity to be part of a really cool project: Nissan Juketown, working at Centounopercento . I worked mostly as character animator, producing the car animations and the relative rig and helping on the building of the city.

Clicking here, Nissan Juke Town.

After summer 2012, I decide it was time to move outside Italy, to explore new opportunities.

So I move to London, here I have the opportunity to work in Neutral Gs as character animator, and in Dodec producing a 2 minutes video about medical animation.

During Christmas 2012 I worked in a really big production, for an "Acer" commercial for Partizan , really cool project. I was in charge of some shots and I helped a lot also as 3d artist: modeling some backgrounds, lighting, camera projection, layout, camera animation.

Clicking here, Acer Over Slept.

My goal at the moment is to join a big studio as a 3d artist and hopefully have the opportunity to work closely with professional artists.

If you are interested in knowing more about my work, please feel free to explore the section about my works.

You can also download my Curriculum Vitae in Acrobat PDF format: just click here.

I'm always pleased to receive feedbacks. If you have something to say, anything at all, do not hesitate to contact me for further information!

I hope that you like my work and come back soon.